Ryan Hopkinson

“Ryan Hopkinson is a visual artist with an unmistakable concept-led aesthetic. It is through a broad and unique configuration of interests that inform the tonality and discipline of his work. Ryan often explores the beauty of his subjects through minimal set design or highly art-directed large-scale installations, always with the focus to capture everything in-camera regardless of the challenge. This approach leads to creative and diverse alignments that wouldn’t usually be considered and through this process, a rich knowledge has been gained of tried and tested live action manipulations, alternative material research and technical camera work.

This process has lead to detailed sculptures and intricate sets being designed and made that have gone beyond their use to aid Ryan’s photography or film projects and given a renewed purpose through installations, exhibitions and in-store sculptural pieces. When not executing his own work Ryan is often heavily involved in shaping the early concept stages of commissioned projects, helping both agencies and brands define their concepts with a wide range of hand-selected collaborators from disciplines that span photography, film, fashion and technology worlds.

His commercial work has been commissioned by a broad spectrum of brands and editorial clients including Issey Miyake, Moncler, LVMH, Dom Perignon, Lexus, Nike, Biotherm, Wallpaper, XL Records, Nowness & Twin Magazine amongst others.”

Ryan Hopkinson


+44 (0) 77852 88745


Worldwide Rep (excl. France)
East | Rosie Wadey (UK)
East | Sue Ireland (US)

France Rep
FMA Le Bureau | Florence Moll (France)

Film Commercials & Music Promos

UK Rep
Caviar | Sorcha Shepard

Paris Rep
Caviar | Celine Rouboud